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A team of blockchain engineers committed to scaling Ethereum

We are implementing the first sharding client for the go-ethereum project. Subscribe to get updates!

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We Are Scaling Ethereum

Currently, blockchains do not scale. With Ethereum receiving over a million transactions per day, the network is desperate for a solution that will help sustain its massive growth and adoption.

We are building out the first sharding implementation for the Geth (go-ethereum) client, allowing the system to process transactions at over 10x - 100x of its current speed!

Wanna contribute? Check out our progress on Github repo below:


Who We Are

We are a team of individuals with a deep understanding of the Ethereum protocol.

Armed with diverse backgrounds ranging from distributed systems to cloud computing, we emphasize a test driven approach to implementing the system's first sharding client.

Raul Jordan
Team Lead
Thiel Fellow & Ethereum Dev
Preston Van Loon
Team Lead
Software Engineer @GoogleNYC & Ethereum Dev
Enrique Fynn
Ph.D Candidate in Distributed Systems & Ethereum Dev
Terence Tsao
Software Engineer @Riverbed & Ethereum Dev
Rory Shively
API Developer & Blockchain Engineer
Sylvain Laurent
Blockchain Engineer
Nishant Das
Ethereum Dev